Extraordinary clavichord sounds

Leiden, FRIDAY 28 – SUNDAY 30 september 2012


amazing variations in clavichord building and playing

PUBLIC Symposium 25 YEARS Nederlands Clavichord Genootschap

Leiden, FRIDAY 28 – SUNDAY 30 september 2012

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The theme of the symposium is evident from its title. Unlike today’s ‘common’ piano, the historical Clavier or clavichord appeared in an amazing variety of shapes, sizes and playing amenities. Since the 20th century, the clavichord revival has led to further developments in building and playing.

Main features in the programme are : Which motifs did people have to make such divergent clavichords ? What kind of music did they play ? How was the status of the (pedal) clavichord until the 19th century in comparison to other keyboard instruments such as the organ, the harpsichord, and finally the piano ? And which appeal can the various types of clavichords now have to us ?
In this symposium, experts, lovers, as well as newcomers may find themselves surprised at a choice of exceptional highlights, to be experienced by eyes, ears, fingers and feet …

The jubilee symposium is organized in collaboration with Menno van Delft (Conservatorium van Amsterdam, Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Hamburg). The program consists of concerts, talks, a workshop pedal clavichord, and last but not least, a clavichord exhibition with presentations of the instruments. Because of the international character of the meeting, the talks will be in English.
The symposium will take place in the historical centre of Leiden, in the 17th-century building of Ars Aemula Naturaeand in thenearby Lokhorstkerk. The picturesque city of Leiden has excellent train connections to Amsterdam airport (20 min) and to other attractive cities such as Amsterdam, Haarlem and Delft.

As a Postludium to the symposium, on Sunday at 16.15 h a second workshop is planned by ORGELSTAD LEIDEN, entitled ‘Organ pedal playing from Sweelinck to Bach’. The aim is to highlight the link between pedal clavichord and organ playing in earlier days. The workshop will be given on the Van Hagerbeer organ (1643) in the nearby Pieterskerk. The instrument is the largest still existing organ in mean-tone temperament from the Dutch Golden Age. Further information on the workshop will become available by 30 June 2012 on www.stichtingorgelstadleiden.nl/kerken-en-orgels/ and on the NCG website.

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