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martin spaink

Sautereau original Ruckers?

Excusez-moi, c'est en Anglais..

Since half a year now, I use facebook to keep hotlines with various members of the hpd -players and  -builders community.
Trough this medium I came into contact with Willem Kroesbergen, now in South -Afrika, who for some reason, donated an old hpd jack to me, which, when he got it himself, was said of that it might be an old Ruckers jack.

The thing arrived today, I had a close look, measured it and took some pictures.
I will give a summary discription here: length is 136 mm, width tapers from 13,2 to 13,8 mm, thickness from 3,2 to 3,8 mm.
Both the jack and tongue are made of beech.  Most noteworthy are of course the two elongated rounded mortises for the mouse-ear dampers.
The tongue levels with the top of the jack, is 29,4 mm long, 4,4 mm wide, the axle is at 18 mm from the top and 9,2 mm below the plectrum in the present state. The plectra seems to be quill but am yet unsure in ruling out any other material. The plectrum is stuck between the top of the punch and a rectangular piece of leather. Some old yet 'modern' red felt was glued in  to the mortises by someone at some time, which I removed to have a better look at the mortises, which are slightly beveled at the front, narrower at the back. The shape is rectangular, with rounded short sides.
An extra taper was made in the lower bout of the jack, ending stragely enough with a cross-cut, wherein a little wooden blade was glued in, which is slightly rounded off over the width of the jack.

It would be interesting for me to hear of your opinions. Maybe you could elucidate me as towards the blade at the lower end. A possible function could be that it could slided in or out when the proper distance under the string was set, but this would seem to be to roundabout for the very practical Ruckerses. So, no idea really. The other is the rectangular punch with the leather and quill (if that is what it really is) and its
history. May it originally have been punched in a crowned little arch? Then Peau-de Buffled? Or is leather used to get a good hold in the punch if it was easier to make or control this way than punching a narrow slot? And how was the cloth cut and folded, and to what effect?
More photos can be seen on my imageshack photo file, right on top:      http://imageshack.us/user/martinspaink



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